I am passionate about elevating individuals to reach their full potential. 

Allyson Makiej, M.Ed., Health Balancing Educator, Speaker, Consultant

Bachelor of Business Administration ULowell
Master of Education, Curriculum & Instruction from UMASS 
Life Performance Coach and Empowerment Facilitator for children and adults
My teaching and health and movement innovations have been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Desert Post Weekly, Lowell Sun, Bay State Parent, Westford Eagle, Desert Sun and more.
I was featured for my work with fitness along with Marisa Tomei in a 2010 NY Times articles about the people leading the resurgence of the hula hoop comeback 
When I lived in Palm Springs, California, I was featured in the Desert Post Weekly as one of the top 10 People, Places and Things to watch in the Coachella Valley for my approach to empowerment and movement. 
I overcame debilitating physical health issues and tamed ADHD becoming a performance artist for the first time dancing and incorporating a newly acquired skill of hula hooping that I learned to do for the first time at the age of 30. I transitioned from classroom teacher and academic to empower people through better movement and cutting edge health and well-being practices.
Discovering the power of great health and creative movement enabled me to find my authentic voice and experience greater creativity.
Finding my voice helped heal a thyroid issue I was having and meant the ability now to publicly speak and sing, helping others to find their voice.
I teach about health in fun and unique ways and share my study of TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine Food theory and other powerful health philosophies.
I intensely studied health including Chinese Medicine on my own for 29 years and it has been invaluable preventing disease, fueling my body to feel and perform far younger than it is. I teach my findings in lectures and consulting for individuals and groups. I've coached athletes, working men and women and students. I help people pinpoint what's getting in their way and give them practical steps to make empowering changes.
Better care of the body and mind help to bring about greater success and life fulfillment. I also help people enhance their lives through improved communication and connection skills. All of this I learned to improve my own life and now I am passionate about sharing what I've learned.
It is my intention that sharing insights into health, exercise, and healthy relating can enable people to enjoy more energy, peace, confidence, connection and creative flow fueling them to achieve the success and happiness they desire.