An important message about women

Where would we each be without the nurturing and support of the women in our lives. As women, we can take on so much that is often overlooked. Women often give deeply without thanks, recognition or accolades. We are encouraged to be humble about our accomplishments and to focus on giving.

These are beautiful things: giving, loving and supporting and they can nourish the heart even of the giver. But there's a line and a limit we need to learn as women and often we learn this later in life. We have needs to be nourished and we must first learn to give that nourishment to ourselves. Put our oxygen mask on FIRST. We learn this. 

Mature women have a wisdom that is unparalleled. It's not better but it's unique, it's powerful and often weaves together understandings of many topics and perspectives all at once along with many years of EXPERIENCE. We take in the full picture and juggle many balls, keeping things going. It's how our brains work. 

Often we don't celebrate the incredible things we do and often we aren't acknowledged for all we do. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

I serve the community at large and offer programs and coaching that serve young women and men of all ages. And there is a special emphasis here too on serving the mature woman. Because she has so much to offer that is often untapped and she can serve the world in so many powerful ways we have yet to even see.

So you're going to see a lot in my work about empowering and supporting women, especially the woman in her middle years but still my message includes you, the younger woman and men.

Why? Because I believe that celebrating the mature woman is something we can all benefit from. And I want you to hear and see this celebration of her. And I want you to join me in it. And learn here too, from these women and from me and my experience. And recognize that communities at one time learned mainly from their elders. While I respect that all ages have great things to offer, the reverence and understanding and appreciation of the woman in her middle years is something I am spearheading in my work to benefit EVERYONE. 

I'm helping them all and especially mature women to free their voice more powerfully than ever and feel deeply supported to express their wisest creativity in the world, so that we can ALL experience the incredible gifts we have to offer.