Speaker for Adults and Youth - The Hula Hoop

I struggled much of my life with digestive and other undiagnosed health issues (connective tissue disorder), anxiety, and a few bouts of depression. I fought back hard and turned around all of these challenges. Interestingly, a simple hula hoop was a big part of the story of my healing. I used it to help repair my digestion, circulation and rebuild my body from core to fascia. If you don't know the importance of fascia for well-being, I will teach you. Over a period of 29 years, I have discovered many fascinating unknown keys to vibrant health and I have created ways to make them fun and simple for you to learn about. I love sharing my story and methods so ANYONE can 10X their health with a little knowledge and a few tools that change your trajectory. If you want to feel better, learn the cutting edge in health and have some fun while you are at it, reach out and I will tailor a presentation for your group. 

I still work hard today to maintain my health and mental well-being but I've also made it fun. There is so much we can do naturally, through diet and lifestyle to maintain excellent health that we aren't taught. I am on a mission to help eradicate chronic poor health, anxiety and depression and help millions across the world empower themselves and live to their full potential. I'm concerned about our culture and our youth. I will teach you the easiest way to exercise, have fun and lower your cortisol so you can work out LESS and get better results. I'm 59 but I feel 30. I want everyone to feel their absolute best. 

Our girls and youth are struggling more than ever. I am passionate about giving them a hand up. Here's how you can help. In my speaking programs I share secrets to rebooting mind and body. I teach things you won't hear anywhere else and that help adults and youth get calmer, stronger and feeling better than ever FAST. When you book me to speak about the latest and greatest in health and well-being, you help yourself AND you help me bring my inspiration and training to more youth.

Some people say there is no magic pill for health, but I have found a few and they aren't that well known yet. I will teach you tricks that don't cost a lot of money but will make a great difference in your health and well-being. Got a few expensive things you can try too. 

I spend the past 29 years of my life intimately understanding health and well-being so I could not only stay alive and turn around several serious health conditions but also so I could thrive and learn to be truly happy naturally and have the energy to live out many of my dreams. 

When I teach about health, I guarantee I will teach you things you didn't know and that will surprise you. I LOVE making health and well-being fun and there is so much we are not taught and so much you don't even find any longer in a google search.

Help me help more youth by letting me help you feel amazing in mind and body again. 


* Focus, calm and enduring elevated energy for students

* Antiaging - turn back the clock & feel clear, with excellent energy and moods

* Sport and life performance secrets for greater strength, oxygenation and endurance

* Beat depression & anxiety naturally, get empowered to live to your full potential

In my talks, you'll learn my exact fool-proof method for hooping and teaching hooping to all the folks you love. Hooping is blast and it burns more calories than running but it's way better than that. It helps calm your nervous system when done in the right way, it massages all your organs and your back and spine so your whole body just works better. 

Getting fun exercise and learning the latest in health is something you owe to yourself. I will show you things that can make a remarkable difference in your health and well-being! 

Reach out and we will discuss the perfect program for you and your group.