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I help youth and adults develop the skills necessary to overcome debilitating stress and health imbalances with unique, gentle, and fun ways to exercise and approach challenges. I combine this with a diet reset that helps restore natural energy and joy for living.

I help you balance and elevate your health by translating my deep study of health into fun and simple practices you can use to radically improve physical and mental health.

Learn profoundly transformative exercise and health concepts that connect you with your innate power and strength.

Transform anxiety, low moods and stress into resilient character and a great feeling body and mind

Learn better ways to move and nourish to feel good

I help make healthy change EASIER and more FUN!

  • Get your good feelings flowing

  • Get Love Flow - a refreshingly new and easy 30 minute full body exercise audio you can do anytime, that soothes and helps inspire you to be all you can be.
  • Feel more connected

  • to your heart and what truly matters to you
  • Get Back Your Good Feeling Body and Mind

  • Get clear and centered

  • Feel free to express yourself

Get your good feelings flowing

Get Love Flow - a refreshingly new and easy 30 minute full body exercise audio you can do anytime, that soothes and helps inspire you to be all you can be. LOVE FLOW

Feel more connected

to your heart and what truly matters to you Love Flow

Get Back Your Good Feeling Body and Mind

Love Flow

Get clear and centered

Love Flow

Feel free to express yourself

Free Your Voice

Testimonials for Love FLOW - Our 30 minute mindful exercise audio program that calms and fully charges you for SUCCESS

I love this! I’m pretty fit already, though I have no time anymore for exercise, so I tried Love Flow and it was great because even though it was very easy to do, it felt like a full workout! I looked forward to doing it every day which enabled me to get through a particularly busy time at work!, and I loved that it only took 30 mins! Your voice is so soothing!

Tracy, Film Executive

One of the things I love is the care taken to do stretching without pushing the body so there is virtually no chance of injury. When I teach, I instruct movers to longer slower stretches for this reason and never saw injuries. People who were in a hurry inevitably got injured and then would have to wait to heal or repeatedly injure. Once warmed up the rest comes easily such as the balancing and strength stretches. Great workout!

Pat, Fitness Teacher and Entrepreneur

From the first day I tried Love Flow, I really got into it. The exercises are easy to do and the rhythm is soothing, like love. I could feel my energy building! Allyson has a beautiful voice that puts you in the flow. It doesn't take much time to do it, so it's good to add it to your morning routine if you want to start your day on a totally calm inspiring note with lots of energy for the entire day. I stayed in the flow for the rest of the day, so even going up and down the stairs felt like a dance. I just love it!!! 

Anna, Mother, Business Owner

Love Flow was very enjoyable. I was able to understand what you were asking me to do and I know with practice it will get easier. I have not been physically active in an exercise fashion for some time now and used to frequently practice yoga. It is short enough to engage me and long enough to be substantial. Also, I absolutely love the dance idea at the end - dancing to a song of one's choice is actually something I assign to clients in my counseling practice because, as you know, it is so very important to move our bodies in a carefree and fun manner.

Jessica, Licensed Professional Counselor

I just did my first day of the Love Flow exercise and it was great! For me especially because I haven't exercised in a while. It was all I needed to wake me up and feel my muscles and feel the stretch! I am enjoying it!
Thanks so much for the positive vibe this gave me and the sense of being fully in my body and feeling of being connected!

A Partial List of our Happy Business and Community Partners and Clients

Massachusetts - MITRE corporation, Lululemon, Lowell General Hospital, Regis College, Lowell Public School, Merrimack Valley Hospital, Community Teamwork, Middlesex Community College, The Revolving Museum, LGH Bariatric, Bedford Social Club, Earthfest Boston, Lowell Winterfest, LHS Baystate Marathon, Roudenbush Center, Lowell Housing Authority, Lowell Adult Education Center, Hearthealth Expo Lowell General Hospital

California/Colorado - S.T.A.R. Education, Torrence CA; Champion Factory, Los Angeles, CA; Tour de Palm Springs Charity Bicycle Ride, Indian Motorcycle, Los Angeles, CA; Wild Oats, Vitamin Cottage, & Alfalfa's Market, Boulder County Farmers Market, Boulder, CO; Spa Resort Casino and The Palms Health Resort, Palm Springs, CA; Blue Sage Center for the Arts, Paonia, CO; Be Alive Festival, Boulder, CO; Villagefest, Palm Springs Museum, Palm Springs, CA; The Rose Bowl, Pasadena,  CA; Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, Oceanside, CA; Village Glen West Parent Association, Culver City, CA; The Oaks Resort, Ojai, CA; College of the Desert, Palm Desert, CA

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