You are precious, an important part of this world

I've had challenging times when I didn't feel a part of anything, when I didn't know my worth.

Many struggle with these feelings to varying degrees. It's a cause of poor health, stress, anxiety, depression and addiction. For those who suffer in silence, it's deeply painful.  

Feeling disconnected and that we aren't really important to anyone or to our community is devastating to the heart and to the health.

We all have ups and downs, we all have moments. But some did not get the loving connection needed to keep their brains healthy, and feel connected to community and tribe. And it affects the way they see everything. 

We can build those communication pathways in our brain. I did. I gave myself deeply nourishing thoughts and feelings that I wanted to feel. And over time, I was able to find true happiness with myself and to express myself authentically and creatively, and feel deeply connected to myself and what I'm passionate about and have the inner strength to share my vision of how the world could be with others. 

I see a world where we all let more love in.. 

I talk a lot about LOVE and remembering how PRECIOUS we each are and knowing the gifts we each bring to our community and here's the thing.

We need more of that kind of talk in a culture that is go, go, go.

We need and deserve more soothing, and kindness and love.

We can open up to feel more connection to our hearts and let kind words and compliments in MORE DEEPLY.  

And doing THIS helps us thrive and be more able to share our gifts with community. Take an extra minute and FEEL that love and thoughtfulness someone is offering us or we are offering to others. 

Because taking time to do this, we begin thriving, not hurrying and just getting by.

We benefit from letting in support even when we "think" we don't need it.

We are interdependent creatures.

That means we can "survive" in some ways seemingly alone.

But that's not good enough.

We THRIVE by coming together and let others nurture and support us. 

Maybe you've focused on toughening up, because in our culture we are taught to be self-sufficient and to some degree that's good.

And in another way, it isolates us from taking in really loving and caring messages or experiences.

Because we think we don't need it. Or we fear softening. 

I've felt this.

But then I learned that the key to real happiness is connection, expressing my real self and keeping my heart open.

Open so I can more deeply feel love.

One day I sat down and recorded a 20 minute audio with advice I'd give myself or someone on a down disconnected day. 

It's actually quite easy to start changing your state of mind if you really want to. 

You have to practice new ways of thinking to change the patterns in your brain to be more optimistic and feel more supported.

I invite you to let a little more love IN.


Many people struggle with stress and loneliness and need support. 

When we are struggling, we need more voices of kindness and support. It's the way humans retune to the state of happiness, and pleasure. It helps repattern the brain for success, love and connection.

It makes people want to work at sharing their gifts, living their dreams. We have crises and epidemics of people not feeling loved and connected. 

Let's support the people around us to feel more love by reaching out and spending more quality moments together. 

Let people in just a little bit more and let yourself feel the love that's all around. 

We'll ALL thrive allowing more love IN. 

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