How I got here

I did all the usual things, thinking I was ok and healthy enough but had never been very strong. I had some stomach issues but nothing that concerned a doctor. I was coasting along in life.

I wasn't in a great place but I didn't realize it. 

After facing a major digestive illness at age 30 that surprised and shocked me into awareness, I realized I was going to really have to work at understanding how to find true health on all levels and rebuild my body and life into something I loved. 

I discovered that building just a little more strength and balance in the body translated into more mental strength and decisiveness. 

OK, that's a good thing...

But I didn't have massive amounts of energy. In fact I had very little energy at that time. SO I optimized and maximized what I did have and in the process discovered somewhat accidentally how to build strength, balance and true health in the easiest ways possible. 

I realized that getting full circulation was a key, and I discovered the easiest ways to achieve this.

At the time, I was low on energy but often we are low in time too and I get that. 

I spent several years rebuilding my health to a place where I never have a stomach problem because now I know how the body works and what creates true balance. 

And the answers surprised me. I had a lot to learn about self-care, self-love and nurturing my body. I looked at how I could make it simple and get the best benefits and return. I made it all into a game. 

I even made the workouts I could do into a game and because I did so, my results began to blow me away. Could it be that lightening up and having fun with movement could make SUCH a DIFFERENCE? 

Yes and it was happening. At 40, I was fitter than most 20 year olds. I wasn't breaking myself down in the gym, I was building myself UP.  Mentally, physically, nutritionally.

No more forcing and pushing. Instead I did just the right amount for me and got in tune with what that was. 

I played at working out, hula hooping, dancing, stretching in ways that were fun, lifting light weights and more, all with the right mindset.

People remarked that fitness was easy for me, they didn't know my history or health breakdown but they thought all this came naturally to me. Probably because of my choice of having fun going forward in life. 

But what I did was make the unnatural to me become natural and made the unfamiliar to me familiar. 

I took the time to listen within and nurture my body and my body responded with strength, focus and great energy. 

Every time I got TOO SERIOUS again, my health plummeted. Hmmm?

In my health recovery, I had learned to hula hoop for the first time, at age 30 and hooping taught me the power of fun, creative movement AND full body circulation. 

I started getting better!

Could it be that fun, creativity and better self care was really the fast track to feeling amazing? 

I was teaching at the time I got ill but not dancing, which is something I deeply love. Dancing and then hula hooping made me feel fully alive. I realized I loved to teach but in my own way, sharing the power of freeing creative movement. 

Doing this I felt fully alive. So I decided that I would combine what I knew about teaching which included now a lot about creating the right mindset for success with movement.

I discovered that just a few minutes of wide open body stretching or playful jumping shifted my mood and that of those I was teaching. They didn't have to hula hoop or dance, JUST DO SOMETHING NEW!

They began experiencing rapid changes in the way their body and mind felt. 

I began teaching others to get out of pain, to learn to hoop and to enjoy themselves more as they exercised. 

I was approached by newspapers including the New York Times for my work and selected as one of the people to watch in the Coachella Valley when I lived in California. 

I had discovered that in many ways, we beat ourselves up with overthinking and overwork, when we could make better decisions and get more done by lightening up and taking better care of ourselves. I didn't even realize what I was doing wrong until I got ill. And then it all made sense. I needed to relearn how to have fun and make it a part of my daily life. 

I knew others needed this message too.

I translated my methods into games, and comedy and fun for others because I knew the benefit of that style of teaching and I had learned that through humor and play, I got healthier and healthier. And fast. 

I discovered that the way we treat ourselves and our own hearts affects the health of our physical hearts and every aspect of our work and personal lives. And I knew that many people needed a little bit of permission to get moving in fun too. And with that permission, they'd realize the importance of it too.

I made it easy for others to learn what really works and what can be done with the least amount of effort. 

And I maintain my own health by following my own advice. It's a commitment. A commitment to a greater and happier life. I've made that commitment and my productivity and life satisfaction is increasing every day. 

I want that for you and for everyone. ONLY YOU create your happy and healthy life. It's up to you.

I help by making it REALLY easy for you. You just have to show up and stretch yourself a bit in new ways. And incorporate what I teach you in your unique way into your everyday life. 

Live fuller, freer, happier and with more success. 

That's the promise of opening up to more fun and creative flow. 

Let's GO!

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