How much of what you are feeling is up to you?

Have you ever looked at a large pile of dishes in the sink or a task you didn't want to tackle and thought, "I'll never want to get to this!"

And then suddenly you find a shift of energy and you are there at the sink or deep in a pile of papers GETTING IT DONE! 

What happens when we go from "I can't" or "I don't want to", to "IT'S ON". 

You're the same person you were just an hour before so...

Or are you? 

We shift. 

And we change. 

Moment by moment. 

Our energy changes. 

Our feelings change. 

And our level of action changes. 

What makes the difference? What shifts us?

The thoughts we think can shift and uplift us. We can change mood or energy level just by thinking a new thought. 

We have the power to do this in every moment.  

Connecting with others, especially those who support and love us, can change our energy. 

Getting in nature can shift our energy. 

A quick bit of exercise can shift our energy. 

A few moments in the sun. Listening to some great music, seeing a puppy, a beautiful child and so much more. We can shift in any moment. 

And we can look for and create those shifting moments. We can get in the car and go to the park or visit a friend or a place that uplifts us. 

We can also simply take a break. Sit back and do nothing. 

Enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Lie down and relax. 

Even a few minutes can change our whole perspective. 

So no matter what you are feeling and thinking right now. 

Remember, it will change. 

And you can change it, intentionally. 

Write about what you want to be thinking and feeling. 

Be absolutely deliberate/intentional about it. 

Choose your direction. 

Your trajectory. 

What will you choose to focus on and feel?

You have this power. 

It's up to you. 

It's an open road before you. 

What thoughts and feelings will you CHOOSE? 



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  • ❤️ Awesome Allyson! ❤️

    Sheri H.

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