Use the Power of Play and Creative Movement to Recondition Your Mind and Connect You With Your Heart



To have what we want, we must program our minds and bodies for the success we desire and master certainty. We help you utilize creative choice, visualization and mindful connection to do just that and master the good feelings and success you are desiring. 

We help you move creatively to cleared blocked energy and stress so you can better connect with your inner reserves and ability to see, think and visualize and express yourself clearly and powerfully.

You need to see it it before you can achieve it. If you feel blocked and can't seem to rid yourself of anxieties and stress when visualizing and imagining greater success for yourself, you can use play and flowing creative movement to bypass that block. It works, and fast. 

Recondition your mind and body to experience lasting changes. 

We help you use playful creative stretch, dance and other movement to reprogram your brain for greater success. Play helps you get to that great feeling state you want to be in. 

We help you incorporate more play into everything you do and help connect you more deeply with your heart and and your feelings so you can use your heart power and the power of play to create more precisely the life you love. 

Some imagine their dream with their eyes closed, Allyson's methods help you realize and feel and more joy and success with your eyes wide open. 

In positive psychology, a flow state, also known as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus. Play helps you relax and open your heart and get into a flow state. Connecting more with your heart helps you take clearer and more creative action allowing you to excel at work and in relationships. 

You know the benefits of fun. Use creative play mindfully to intentionally redirect your mind and reprogram it for greater and greater success. We help people feel incredible in their bodies and minds through moving and thinking more creatively to access more of the minds potential. Utilizing neuroscience combined with carefully designed games, we prime the body and mind to help you live your greatest life. 

Allyson created the processes over time combining her love of creative expression and movement with self development. She was able to get her body and mind back in shape after two difficult life periods. 

She discovered through joy and free play that she had healed and achieved her goals exponentially faster. She discovered that by playing more she became infinitely more creative, alive and more youthful in every way. 

She had more energy and appreciation for life and all those around her and attracted the experiences and opportunities she had been wanting. Play, dance and creative exercise have helped her quickly relieve stress AND develop laser focus when she needs it.

Play helps us make better and more creative wise decisions. It takes all the information coming at us and help it unify in the brain. The techniques Allyson teaches improve meditation, speed learning and improve visualizations.

Aren't you excited to play more knowing it will improve your life performance and your relationships, connect you with your genius. 
Creative play improves and enhances your life performance and life enjoyment and helps you to see it before you make it happen. 

We also incorporate heart coherence into what we teach. 

Heart coherence is the achievement of balanced and smooth heart rhythm patterns. It is a state of optimal clarity, perception and performance.

Benefits of Play and Flow State Exercise

 Enjoy Better...







*Sense of Freedom

*Problem Solving - Ability to see things in a new way



*Sport Performance



and much more!