Genius Zone™ - Elevating Confidence, Competence & Healthy Connection

Genius Zone™ - Elevating Confidence, Competence & Healthy Connection

Genius Zone™ frees you up for greater confidence, competence and healthy connection. You'll take part in kinesthetic learning and cutting edge practices that elevate and empower your brain and body. Simple movements and light stretches combined with uplifting dance, movement and fun that accesses your natural creativity and intelligence.

Genius Zone™ events are a fun transformational experiences that feel like a party and transform stress into greater happiness and success. You will enjoy gentle, playful effective movement that inspires and gets you feeling more like you. You have innate gifts that benefit the world. We help you access them more readily. 

Young and old love Genius Zone™  and the benefits are life transforming. 

You'll learn and try out new enjoyable ways to exercise, and move through your day, empowering your brain to think in new ways, becoming more decisive, creative and competent. 

Through movement and play, we learn quickly.  Movement helps us integrate what we learn for lasting impact. Science shows that getting our bodies fully involved in the learning through enjoyable movement, and interactive games, we gain new skills we can retain.  

Reap greater rewards daily with less effort through the skills and fun movements learned that enhance creative genius, elevate mood, energy, confidence and communication skills.  

Allyson is a highly experienced educator with a Masters in Education from UMASS; she makes wellness and success skills fun and accessible to all, elevating your team or group to utilize their creativity to balance their health and bring more success and satisfaction to all they do. 

Our experiential workshop helps you to: 

  • transform stress into constructive creative energy 
  • more readily connect with creative solutions to life's challenges
  • improve focus, and decision making
  • visualize for greater success
  • maintain radiant mental health 
  • communicate in more supportive patterns
  • up-level mood and mindset
  • improve fitness and flexibility
  • enhance posture and confidence
  • improve team cohesion and group performance
  • connect with your inner reserves for lasting energy and greater confidence

Allyson will guide your group or team through a balancing program they can repeat at home or anytime.

She will guide you to learn some of the easiest ways possible to ignite the best in you and your group and team. 

You'll have an opportunity to learn about my favorite primary food that can skyrocket your mood, energy, and focus, even kickstart weight loss if desired to get rid of any extra weight holding you down.

Our intentional movement helps to recondition both mind and body to bring about lasting changes. We utilize the latest in somatic movement and neuroscience to give you the edge to excel and the freedom to feel totally calm and clear.

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"I really enjoyed this workshop!! I am usually very stressed and on the go, I don't get time to myself to relax. Now I understand how to get these great benefits quickly at home too. You made this easy. Thank you!" - Sarah, mother and manager​

"Wow, this was REALLY FUN, and I learned a lot about how I can take better care of my health without working out like crazy. I needed this." - Steven

"I liked the freedom of just moving, the music was really different and engaging, great workshop!!!"​ - Sonia

"Inspiring and Motivating! Thank you!!" - Boran 

​"I really loved your energy and personality. You made me really enjoy movement!" - Evan​

"I feel inspired to get back to work with a fresh perspective. Thank you for this insightful experience. I enjoyed it and feel great. Thank you again!" - Roger

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