Play Builds Your Energy, Confidence, and Ability to Express Yourself

Much of the movement I teach is playful and here's why.

Have you ever felt bone dry... fresh out of energy, motivation, or sense of humor?

And then you stopped what you were doing or attempting to do and you let yourself take some time to be free.

You found yourself taking a walk, staring out the window at nature, you sat down and read a book or listened to music. You let yourself IMAGINE.

In the four actions listed above - there are elements of play and freedom, letting go.

We're stopping to let something "inspire" us. These are some adult pleasures or levels of play we allow ourselves to occasionally enjoy but there is much more. 

Moving freely and creatively in dance, or any other form of exercise is a form of play. And even just a few minutes at home alone enjoying freeing movement or singing is often enough to break the stiffness or tightness we feel from sitting too long or feeling worried or tired.

Creative moving and playing builds energy. 

Give yourself the gift of some play time doing anything creative. You may a bit of time to get past the little bit of crusty that got built up. 

That's ok, we all get a little crusty and stuck, play propels that all away and we become lighter, younger, freer, fresher and full of life again. 

Play helps us in SO many ways. Catch a little "play" whenever you can.

Play unleashes your greatest intelligence and your great joy for life. 

Give yourself the freedom to feel that. 

Let yourself be free. 

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