You Can Renew Yourself At Any Time And At Any Age

If you are facing challenges and you are uncertain whether you can turn your health body and life around, I understand. I've been there but I also know that anything's possible because I've lived incredible possibilities.

I have renewed my health and fitness twice to follow my dream of teaching and performing. I was able to renew my health and body at 30 and then again at 50 to live the life I dreamed of. I make movement EASY because it can be.

I love and believe in lifting weights but I didn't have the strength to go hard in the gym with heavy weights and discovered that gentler choices were deeply balancing, sustainable and connected me with my heart, more love, better relationships and feeling great about myself. (Lifting is great too but not a starting point for everyone.) 

I felt more connected to myself and others through gentler presence based movement, in other words, I didn't rush, I didn't stress, I enjoyed my movement and exercise and while doing this, I focused my mind.

The gentle movement made it easy to focus and this nurturing built my body to be stronger than ever after 30 and again at 56.

You need to know, there's hope for you to get exactly where you want to be in fitness, energy, health, relationships...all of it.  It all begins with a decision and simple daily actions that reconnect you with your heart through gentle mindful  exercise that I make fun for you. 

When you make up your mind, you can have it. Surround yourself with other believers and use the techniques I teach to get your mindset solid and your body believing. The games and mindset work I share are simple and profound. Get moving now and make your dreams happen.  Here you see a pic of me living one of my dreams out in Palm Springs California. I wanted to teach movement outside and soak up the sun. I did it and got featured in many newspapers and was selected as one the people to watch in the Coachella Valley.  It was an honor and it was a dream to live this experience. It was a lot of work too, but I loved it and I learned that it's never too late to renew confidence and rebuild radiant health. 

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