Give to Support Allyson's Children's Show - Book a Program or Donate any Amount

Give to Support Allyson's Children's Show - Book a Program or Donate any Amount

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Are you concerned about children today? I am. Collectively they are struggling more than ever. Depression, anxiety and losing their ability to communicate normally. Some stats

Nearly 5 million children in the U.S. have some type of serious mental illness (one that significantly interferes with daily life). In any given year, 20% of American children will be diagnosed with a mental illness.

15.08% of youth (age 12-17) report suffering from at least one major depressive episode (MDE) in the past year. Childhood depression is more likely to persist into adulthood if gone untreated.

One study found 34.5% of children were suffering from anxiety, and 52.3% of parents developed it during the pandemic

I've polled parents. There is not enough quality programming that teaches children how to stay mentally healthy through exercise, to realize their potential and the topics I will cover. Parents don't like the mainstream options with all their high stimulating jump cuts and intensity. I will bring back that Mr. Rodger's vibe that helps kids connect with their hearts in a calm way while they learn. I believe this program will benefit small children, older kids, teens, and adults. 

Do you think children need something calming and reassuring that also gets them up moving and taking action? My programming will soothe them into healthy action, exercising and helping their families. It will be a program enjoyed by children, their families and anyone who needs a soothing, inspiring boost. 

Allyson has 39 years of teaching experience as well as a Master of Education in Curriculum and instruction. She's got great programming planned for children and families to help children and their families thrive. Check out her videos on social media and help her get her wholesome program out for our children. Our children need to learn about healthy movement and a healthy mindset. 

I am interested in any amount you'd like to donate. Scroll down for more information.

For $1000 donation you will receive a custom online party or program for your team, family or friends to suit your needs and support an important cause. No extra charge for shipping ;) we can't fix that!

If you are interested in supporting with a different amount. Any amount is appreciated!

Send your payment via the paylink above or in any amount to Allyson at Paypal: 



Let's work together to keep our kids in motion, physically and mentally healthy and thriving!